Episode 7: Full Speed Ahead, Captain
48° 52' N 2° 18' E

Travel by train to Rotterdam. (You'll need your heart rate information for this leg.) You've been provided with train tickets for this evening, but you may improve on them. Once there, find the red boat in the enclosed picture.

 stand on their evening tickets.
 don't get off the train and continue to Amsterdam, unaware that they are two different cities.
 don't manage to get on the spoonfed train.
51° 55' N 4° 29' E

You'll be staying the night here and checking out in the morning.

5:00 am

5:15 am

5:30 am

5:45 am

6:00 am

6:15 am

6:30 am

Make your way to the water taxi terminal Kop von Zuid and take a water taxi to the Kinderdijk Windmill Village. Every step counts: the more you take the higher the stakes.
51° 53' N 4° 38' E

Who wants to pick the sunflowers?

Find a faithful reproduction of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" inside the windmill beside you. Find an exact copy somewhere in the village. If you make a mistake, you have to put the painting back.

Do a heart rate check. Subtract your highest heart rate from the previous leg minus this one. Pick up that many tulips from the flower stand, and deliver them up the road to receive your next clue.
Travel by water taxi to the Nolet Distillery, home of Ketel One Vodka.
51° 54' N 4° 24' E
Use a simulator to navigate through the a storm to two ships in the harbor in under 5 minutes to receive your next clue.


Perform a clapping routine while skipping double dutch for the duration of a rhyme to receive your next clue.

Travel by train from Rotterdam to the Hague, and your next Pit Stop.
 take a bus to the train. Never take the bus.
 's train has two stops.
 's train is direct, but it leaves 7 minutes later, and then the train is delayed 10 minutes.
 get on the wrong train.
52° 05' N 4° 18' E
  1st place 10:10 pm
A dollar for each of your steps: $31,873, plus massage
5th place 12:11 am (+ 2:01)
2nd place 10:23 pm (+ 0:13) 6th place 12:36 am (+ 2:26)
3rd place 10:24 pm (+ 0:14)
 7th place
4th place 11:34 pm (+ 1:24)