Episode 8: Krakow, I'm Gonna Get You
52° 05' N 4° 18' E

Fly to Kraków, Poland. Once there, search for the barge with a pool at Plaża Kraków. [...which is a restaurant. Your clue's at the bottom.]

 get an early flight, while the rest of the teams bunch.
 's cab doesn't go too fast and they fall to the back.
50° 03' N 19° 56' E
   struggle to get cabs.
 eventually have to walk to a hotel. Then they get taken to the wrong location.
Descend 1000 feet into the earth. Deliver timbers to shore up passages, fill a cart with salt, and then push the cart back out to the elevator.


Learn how to accompany a violinist on the piano. Move the piano out of the square to a performance area and earn 100 zloty busking.


 end up in an area where no one is giving money. Their violinist says they can move. They sort all the loose change out of their hat so people don't give more change.
Make your way to the Oskar Schindler Factory where Oskar Schindler was able to protect and save the lives of over 1000 Jewish workers and their families.
50° 03' N 19° 58' E

Go on the factory tour and reflect.

Make your way to ((zuerka ?)) 22 in the Jewish district and search for your next clue.
50° 03' N 19° 57' E

Who can handle a big order?

Select Jewish dishes in the correct quantities listed on the enclosed menu and deliver them to a party.

 Josh arrives last. He offers to work with Tiffany.
 Tiffany agrees.
Search for Phil inside!
 insist on letting Tiffany & Krista go first.
50° 03' N 19° 57' E
  1st place 10:04 pm
Trip for 2 to Shanghai
4th place 1:50 am (+ 3:46)
2nd place 12:58 pm (+ 2:54) 5th place 2:02 am (+ 3:58)
3rd place 12:59 pm (+ 2:55)
 6th place 2:03 pm (+ 3:59)
Will encounter Speed Bump