Episode 1: We're Coming For You, Phil!
34° 03' N 118° 16' W

As individuals, go through the gate in the corner of this park. Go two blocks southwest, then seven blocks southeast. Search the luggage store you find there for a suitcase with a flag of Panama, and bring it back.

 Jessie and Francesca get into an argument when Francesca leads Jessie in the wrong direction.
 Joey arrives ninth, but with a suitcase with an incorrect tag. He has to go back.
 That leaves Jessie & Francesca to be a team. For not being picked by anyone, Phil gives them a ride to the airport.
[Clue in bags:] Get a taxi to LAX and book one of two flights to Panama City, Panama. Once there, pick up a rental car and drive yourselves to the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal.
 Floyd picked the suitcase with an Express Pass hidden inside.
First flight


Second flight Delayed 1 h


 Everyone gets lost. Even the ones who speak Spanish. There's not much signage, and locals seem not to know where it is.
9° 00' N 79° 35' W

Drive yourselves to the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center in Gamboa, and search for your next clue at the Canopy Tower.

9° 08' N 79° 43' W
Paddle a traditional canoe. Each of you use a bow and arrow to shoot a target in the shape of a fish, knocking it over, while standing in the boat.


Race a modern canoe against a pair of local experts on a 400-m course. Every time you lose, you get a 50-m advantage over last time.


  capsize their canoes.
  capsize at the starting line.
 arrive so late they're not allowed to attempt the Detour. They're assessed a penalty.
Make your way to your first Pit Stop, on Cinta Costera 3.
8° 57' N 79° 32' W
 1st place
7th place
2nd place 8th place
3rd place 9th place
4th place
 arrived 10th
+2:00 penalty: Did not complete Detour
5th place 10th place
6th place
 11th place