Episode 2: Scared Spitless
8° 57' N 79° 32' W

Fly to São Paulo, Brazil — book your flights at the travel agency indicated. Once there, sign up for a helicopter to a skyscraper downtown. Once there, make your way to Praça da Sé.

 get bumped from the early flight because their booking agent is a slow typist.
First flight


Second flight


Third flight

Fourth flight

Fifth flight


Sixth flight

  are on the first flight. They agree not to race hard for the first helicopter and flip a coin for it.
 believe they really do have an agreement.
 are ready to break they agreement since they assume Vanck & Ashton would do the same anyway.
22° 33' S 46° 38' W
"Master" two musical instruments and perform a routine with a samba band.


Build a workout station out of reclaimed refuse in a gym under a highway overpass.


 realize that their barrel needs to be filled with some water after getting refused the first time. They try to hide filling their barrel.
 do exactly the same.
 Brooke falls and hurts her arm.
Make your way to Avenida Paulista and search for the marked bicycle on the Praça da Ciclista.
23° 33' S 46° 40' W

Who likes things squeaky clean?

Rappel down the side of a building and wash a marked window. When you're done, you'll be passed your next clue through the window.

 Since Brooke is injured, Scott takes it. He has a crippling fear of heights. Because of course he does.
 Seth misses a spot at the top of his window, but he's rappelling, so the only way back up to get it is to be lowered to the street and rappel from the top of the building again.
 Shamir too. Also, his harness is too tight you-know-where. On his second descent, he calls for a medic and smashes a window.
 ask Sara where the bicycle is. She sends them a block away.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop and look for Phil in the urban rainforest.
23° 34' S 46° 39' W
 1st place 8:47 am
Trip for 2 to Barbados
6th place 9:57 am (+ 1:10)
2nd place 8:48 am (+ 0:01) 7th place 9:58 am (+ 1:11)
3rd place 8:59 am (+ 0:12) 8th place 10:04 am (+ 1:17)
4th place 9:32 am (+ 0:45) 9th place 11:23 am (+ 2:36)
5th place 9:56 am (+ 1:09)
 10th place