Episode 3: Bucket List Type Stuff
23° 34' S 46° 39' W

Fly to the city of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Once there, make your way to the Askari Monument. Your next clue is in the news. You have $320 for this leg of the race.

Caution: Blind U-Turn ahead!!

 hits his face on the open trunk lid of his cab.
6° 49' S 39° 17' E

[Ad: Travel to Zanzibar for your next clue!
Ferry times: 07.00 09.30 12.30 15.30
Name of Ferry is "Kililmanjaro Fast Ferries to ZNZ"
Official ticket available only at: AZAM MARINE ticket office on Edward Sokoine.]

 cut the line in front of other teams and lots of locals at the ferry terminal.
5° 53' S 39° 15' E
(sent to both Detours courtesy of ).
(sent to both Detours courtesy of ).
 call Vanck & Ashton weak for U-Turning them.
 deny U-Turning Seth & Olive to Matt & Redmond.
Construct a desk from parts, carry it into a school classroom, and learn some Swahili phrases while you're there.


Weave two baskets out of coconut leaves.


 Shamir injures his hand while they're putting their desk together.
 London is a crochet artist who does displays across the country. On the other hand, she has a lot of trouble getting her baskets started. They switch.
Travel by taxi to Darajani Market. Once there search for your next clue by the front entrance.
6° 10' S 39° 12' E

Who's ready to do some market research?

Use your money to buy all the things on your shopping list and deliver it all to a local "family chef" to receive your next clue.

 Vanck finds locals who just get the stuff for him.
 get juiced on their cab ride over. They're very short of cash. She has to go back to places where she's bought things and ask for a better deal and some money back.
 Olive has to convince some sellers to take her leftover Brazilian currency.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
 take a taxi to the Pit Stop, somehow.
 decide to run, in the hopes that they get there sooner.
 can't be checked in because Floyd doesn't have his passport. Becca's fun meter drops to zero as she threatens to punch Floyd. They do have the business card of the cab driver who brought them to the hotel, however, and the passport was in his cab.
6° 10' S 39° 11' E
 1st place 8:17 am
Trip for 2 to Amsterdam
5th place 9:18 am (+ 1:01)
2nd place 8:27 am (+ 0:10) 6th place 9:19 pm (+ 1:02)
3rd place 8:59 am (+ 0:42) 7th place 9:40 am (+ 1:23)
4th place 9:08 am (+ 0:51) 8th place 9:44 am (+ 1:27)
 Arrived 5th
Cannot check in: Passport missing
 9th place