Episode 4: Another One Bites the Dust
6° 10' S 39° 11' E

Make your way to the home of Farrokh Bulsara [Freddie Mercury] in Stone Town where another one bites the dust. You have $200 for this leg of the race.

 get told that Farrokh Bulsara's house was demolished. They go to the sire and start picking through debris and bags of cement.
6° 10' S 39° 11' E
Search Zanzibar chests for a key (in a secret compartment). Find one and unlock your next clue.


Fine the three royal doors in Stone Door, retrieve a carving from each residence, and turn them in for your next clue.


 Michael notices that some drawers aren't deep enough for their chests. He discovers the secret compartments right away.
 Vanck wants to Google the doors' locations. Ashton just wants to get going. They end up in the wrong place at first, but AShton doesn't want to admit it. She finds it eventually.
 Brooke notices, and word gets out. They find one key, but can't find open any of the locks. They find another and get their clue. They give the key they couldn't make work to Becca & Floyd.
Travel by taxi back to Dar Es Salaam. Once there, find the offices of Dar Es Salaam's Small Industries Cooperative Society.
First ferry


Second ferry 1 h later

7° S 39° E

Who's [got an arty side]?

Craft a ladle/pasta strainer out of sheet aluminum as the locals do.

 Brooke can't find the grip strength to cut the metal with the tin snips.
 Becca returns the key favour by cutting out Brooke's circle for the ladle istelf.
 Redmond helps her figure out how to pound through the holes — including telling her to calm down. Because he's heard that pushes her buttons.
 Michael gives Brooke advice on how to finish the ladle on his way out.
 Shamir cuts himself.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
 Phil comes out to the workshop to eliminate Shamir & Sarah as the workshops are closing for the night.
6° 46' S 39° 17' E
 1st place 3:16 pm
$5000 each
5th place 4:17 pm (+ 1:01)
2nd place 3:20 pm (+ 0:04) 6th place 4:56 pm (+ 1:40)
3rd place 4:04 pm (+ 0:48) 7th place 5:33 pm (+ 2:17)
4th place 4:09 pm (+ 0:53)
 8th place