Episode 5: Have Faith in Me, Broski
6° 46' S 39° 17' E

Fly to Ålesund, Norway. Once there, drive yourselves to Hogsteinen Fyr Lighthouse and be treated to rockfish.

 Becca & Floyd need to use the Express Pass by the end of this leg.
 Brooke can't manage to choke her fish down.
62° 28' N 6° 02' E

Fly in a helicopter [and then tandem skydive out of it].

 can't get to the helicopter because fish-eating delays them.
62° 28' N 6° 02' E

Drive to the village of Slinningen and search for the Slinningenbålet.

62° 28' N 6° 10' E

Who wants to help break a world record?

Climb what will become the world's tallest bonfire and nail a wooden pallet on top.

 Scott, standing in front of a 13-story tower of pallets, takes the climbing RoadBlock.
 Matt's a climber and he goes up like a shot.
 realize they've lost Ashton's pack on their way out. They fall to last.
62° 28' N 6° 10' E
Search for six costumed "fire trolls" in the village and knock on their doors, identifiable by architectural features on a map. Recite a spell to free them, and receive a huge firework in return.


Kayak into a canal and check the lures of the people fishing out of their windows. Some of the lures have the name of your Pit Stop written on them; if you find one, you can take it.


 Michael yells at Liz when she treats their map as though any direction she's facing is north on the map.
 Tara isn't sure the word they found on the lure is their clue. They ask Matt & Redmond.
62° 28' N 6° 10' E
 1st place
5th place
2nd place 6th place
3rd place 7th place
4th place