Episode 6: Double U-Turn Ahead
62° 28' N 6° 10' E

Fly to Milan, Italy. Once there, make your way to Piazza Fontana. Caution: Double U-Turn ahead!

 All the other teams target Vanck & Ashton for the U-Turn because they're constantly bickering and less social with everyone else.
45° 28' N 9° 12' E

Who's hungry for their next clue?

Eat a meal in a mobile restaurant and spot three race-colour-marked signs during one lap of the city. You must finish the food you are served. Four customers maximum.

 Logan is made to wait when the tram fills.
 Scott writes a sign he thinks is the third race sign.
    Everyone gets the last sign wrong on the first trip.
 Logan loses a coin-flip choice on the second sign. He and Scott compare notes to straighten things out.

Make your way to the village of Cernobbio and find the steamship Concordia. Take an overnight cruise across Lake Como to the village of Varenna. Take a departure time.

7:00 am

7:05 am

7:10 am

7:15 am

7:20 am

7:25 am

7:30 am

46° 01' N 9° 17' E

Find your next clue at 4 Greenway dei Patriarchi. Caution: Double U-Turn ahead!

sent to both Detours courtesy of .
sent to both Detours courtesy of .
46° 01' N 9° 17' E
Make a ghost decoration out of your partner by creating a plaster shroud over a wireframe form.


One of you climb a 90-foot vertical cliff face while the other of you belays their partner.


 Brooke freaks out on the climb.
Travel by boat to Tremezzo and search for Phil along the shoreline.
45° 59' N 9° 13' E
 1st place 3:07 am
Trip for 2 to Argentina
5th place 3:38 am (+ 0:31)
2nd place 3:08 am (+ 0:01) 6th place 4:21 am (+ 1:14)
3rd place 3:33 am (+ 0:26)
 7th place
4th place 3:37 am (+ 0:30)