Episode 8: Good Job, Donkey!
45° 26' N 12° 20' E

Travel to Patras, Greece. Once there, drive yourselves to Arahova, crossing the Rion-Antirion Bridge, and find a Greek wedding. Caution: Double U-Turn Ahead!

 take a left when Matt & Redmond, Brooke & Scott, and London & Logan take a right just behind them. They go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the way because Michael refuses to turn around.
 miss the bridge.
 get there way ahead of everyone, but end up joining the dancing rather than finding the clue.
sent to both Detours courtesy of .
sent to both Detours courtesy of .
 Michael recalls angrily that when he helped Brooke with her ladle handle, she promised "No U-Turns".
38° 29' N 22° 35' E
Deliver 2 canisters of sheep's milk to 2 separate cheesemakers in exchange for cheese as a gift for the bride.


Race with a local up 252 steps and around the church at the top of the hill in exchange for a pair of goats as a gift for the groom.


 don't get two goats, so they have to climb aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back up for the second one.
Drive yourselves to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.
37° 58' N 23° 44' E

Prepare kokoretsi, a local carnivore delicacy (by wrapping intestines around a fat skewer of meat).

37° 58' N 23° 44' E

Complete one victory lap around the stadium.

Make your way on foot to the Zappeion and look for your next clue.
37° 58' N 23° 44' E

Who thinks they can step in time?

Replicate part of the changing of the guard ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Your timing with the professional soldier you're partnered with must be perfect.

[Your RoadBlocks must be balanced at 4-4 (or less) by the end of the next leg, so Matt, this one's yours.]

Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
37° 58' N 23° 43' E
 1st place 2:40 pm
$7500 each
4th place 4:00 pm (+ 1:20)
2nd place 3:01 pm (+ 0:21) 5th place 5:23 pm (+ 2:43)
3rd place 3:39 pm (+ 0:59)
 6th place