Episode 9: I Thought We Were Playing It Nice
37° 58' N 23° 43' E

Make your way by taxi to the Corinth Canal.

 are upset that Brooke & Scott U-turned Liz & Michael.
37° 56' N 23° 00' E

Who's ready for a long stretch?

Bungee jump over the canal.

[Your RoadBlocks must be balanced at 4-4 (or less) by the end of this leg, so Joey, Scott, Matt, and Logan, this one's yours.]

 Scott isn't just afraid of heights, he's specifically afraid of falling, so bungee jumping is absolutely the worst. He correctly predicts that that's what this RoadBlock is. In abject terror, he busts out some statistics: He's had to do four RB's, and three of them have been window cleaning, climbing the tallest stack of pallets in the world, and now this.
Now it's time to fly to Hanoi, Vietnam. Once there, make your way to Lý Thái Tố Park. [The dancers you find there will have a red fan each. A few fans have a single yellow rib; those dancers have your next clue.]
 help Logan & London by telling them a dancer has their next clue. Brooke: "I'll always help them."
21° 02' N 105° 51' E

Make your way to the Quán Sứ Buddhist Temple.

21° 01' N 105° 51' E
Carry one of the 3 available bamboo ladders down narrow alleys and up a narrow staircase to retrieve a bird cage. Return both to the start.


Pick up three mannequins (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child) and carry them to a shop. Replicate the window display in the photo exactly.


 battle with London & Logan over the last ladder and lose. They switch tasks, arguing the whole time over who didn't help who get that last ladder.
 get 1 male, 1 female and 1 child by getting a woman and a boy. They think they've finished dressing the window before they notice there's a gigantic space where there's a third mannequin in their photo.
 see Brooke & Scott go by on their way to pick up a ladder, and notice that their competition didn't reveal that all the ladders have been taken already. They get butt-hurt all over again.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
21° 01' N 105° 51' E
 Joey is on the verge of collapse when he gets to the mat.
 Brooke asks if he's feeling okay after he gets help.
 both get indginant, saying that this display of concern is clearly not genuine BECAUSE LADDERS.
 1st place 7:59 am
Trip for 2 to the Galapagos Islands
4th place 8:36 am (+ 0:37)
2nd place 8:03 am (+ 0:04)
 5th place 8:47 am (+ 0:48)
Will encounter Speed bump
3rd place 8:18 am (+ 0:19)