Episode 10: Riding a Bike Is Like Riding a Bike
21° 01' N 105° 51' E

Race to the spectacular limestone mountains of Ninh Bình, Vietnam. You have $30 for this leg of the race.

First bus 9:00 am

Second bus 9:30 am

  try to get the second bus to leave so Tara & Joey miss it.
20° 13' N 105° 56' E

Travel by bike to Bich Dong Temple. Pick up a gnome.

20° 13' N 105° 55' E

Collect six dozen duck eggs from the riverside.

20° 13' N 105° 55' E

Take a ride to Thon Hai Nham. Once there, search for your next clue.

 miss the turn by 2 km.
20° 16' N 105° 55' E

Who's feeling trapped?

Transport shrimp traps by bike, loading the correct number according to the model, If you don't have the right number, go back to the start and do it again.

 Floyd drops baskets all over. Becca notices, but she's prohibited from helping. Only then does he learn that he can't drop off what he has and lighten his load for next time.
  Floyd accompanies London on his second attempt. He drops more baskets.
  London completes the task, but her bike breaks on the way back.
  Floyd picks up the baskets he's dropped without going all the way back. That works.
Ride to Den Thai Vi – Ben Thanh and search for your next clue.
 Floyd crashes. He's exhausted from physical exertion under the hot sun. He gets medical attention. In the end, they're still there when Phil has to come out to the roadside.
20° 13' N 105° 56' E

Deliver offerings to a dragon boat. Row your boat the way the locals do: using your feet instead of your arms. Either of you may row.

 Redmond, the amputee, makes the face you'd expect him to make on reading the clue, but he's joking.
 Logan's too tall for the seat and oarlocks on the boat.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
21° 14' N 105° 56' E
 1st place 11:57 pm
Trip for 2 to Costa Rica
4th place 2:26 am (+ 2:29)
2nd place 1:48 am (+ 1:51)
 5th place
3rd place 2:16 am (+ 2:19)