Episode 12: We're Going to Victory Lane
 Phil tells the teams they're flying to Chicago when Leg 11 ends. And they're flying Prestige Class.
41° 58' N 87° 54' W

Travel by taxi to Chicagoland Speedway.

 gate-check their bags and leave the airport first.
41° 28' N 88° 03' W

Join an official racing team. One of you get behind the wheel, the other change a tire in under 40 seconds. When that's done successfully, the driver must do a lap on the track in 48 seconds.

Make your way downtown to Monroe Street Station. Search the platform for your next clue. [A transit worker has it.]
41° 53' N 87° 38' W

Solve riddles that take you to three iconic Chicago landmarks. Collect a postcard at each one. Assemble the postcards to discover the location of your next clue.

I have a Gothic spire
And I'm impervious to fire
I'm 154 feet tall and no higher.

I am tiered like a wedding cake
From me a drink you should not take
To find me look no further than the lake.

I stand in the twin corn...'s shadow
And control the Kupcinet bascule for those below
Climb the steps to my operator and you'll be good to go.

 go to the Chicago Temple instead of the water tower. Tara sees that the height of the building displayed inside isn't a match, but Joey isn't bothered by such trivia.
41° 53' N 87° 38' W

Travel by taxi to Wrigleyville Dogs and search for your next clue.

41° 57' N 87° 40' W

Deliver 10 hot dogs to a rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field. Race winners Ernie & Cindy will hand you tickets to get inside.

41° 57' N 87° 39' W

Who's been keeping score?

One of you head up to the press box. That person will have a radio and can see what order the cities you just visited are posted on the scoreboard. The other of you climb into the scoreboard and post the numbers that are your team's placement at the mat in the corresponding city. When the numbers are correct, you'll be given a set of equations leading to a three-digit number. Search the bleachers in that section of the stadium for your next clue.

Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
41° 54' N 87° 37' W
 1st place
3rd place
2nd place