Episode 1: You're a Champion, Prove It
40° 44' N 74° 00' W

Retrieve your clue from the fountain behind you.

Fly to Reykjavik, Iceland. Once there, make your way to Geitárgljúfur and search for your next clue.
 are sniping at each other already.
   get lost.
64° 36' N 21° 59' W

Retrieve an Icelandic flag from a zip line over the canyon.

Drive yourselves to Esjumelur and search for your next clue.
64° 12' S 21° 38' W

Who likes things squeaky clean?

Ride a dune buggy back and forth across a river, spotting red letters (with indexing numbers) until you can spell the name of your next destination.

 Henry gets O and Ó, both of which appeared in the answer, confused.
 Shawn does as well. Cedric tells Shawn that he should "mind his O's and P's". Shawn's still confused. He arranges Sarah's letters for her — with the letters the right way around — and she gets her clue. Shawn is still confused.
 Conor doesn't notice the numbers.
64° 09' N 21° 56' W

Find the strongwoman Viking. She will ask you two questions about Icelandic tonics. Get the answers, then drink both tonics [Brennivín and cod liver oil].

Make your way on foot to your next Pit Stop on the shore....
64° 09' N 21° 56' W
 1st place 11:15 am
Trip for 2 to Santorini, Greece
7th place
2nd place
 arrived 8th
+0:30 penalty: Gave assistance to partner at RoadBlock
3rd place 8th place
4th place 9th place
5th place 10th place
6th place
 11th place