Episode 2: You're the Best French Fry Ever
64° 09' N 21° 56' W

Travel to Antwerp, Belgium. Everyone will be on the same flight to Amsterdam. Then take a train to Antwerp. Make your way to You have $272 for this leg of the Race.

51° 13' N 4° 25' E

Who's ready to get high?

Climb a rope ladder at Skyclimb to retrieve your clue. The ladders will descend back to the ground if you take too long, and you'll have to go to the back of the line.

5° 14' N 4° 25' E
Typeset and print your clue on an ink printing press, written in Dutch.


Evaluate three diamonds. Add their value to that of the necklace provided.


 realize they can see what they really need to set, upside-down and backwards, if they hold the sample card up to the light..
 drop one of their diamonds on the floor. They're ready to leave when Eric & Daniel show up.
 test their type by pressing the previously inked arrangement against their arms.
Make your way to the Grote Markt.
51° 13' N 4° 24' E

As an individual, race a dolly of bags of frites (potatoes) around a winding course. Win the race, and you get checked in.

 take turns until they're exhausted. Henry gets the idea that he should stay away from the edges of the course, since running into the side and getting stuck has sunk him a bunch of times. He saves their team.
51° 13' N 4° 24' E
 1st place 6:51 am
$2500 each
6th place 7:55 am (+ 0:57)
2nd place 6:58 am (+ 0:07) 7th place
3rd place 7:03 am (+ 0:12) 8th place
4th place 7:15 am (+ 0:24) 9th place
5th place 7:48 am (+ 0:50)
 10th place