Episode 3: It's Gonna Be a Fragrant Day
51° 13' N 4° 24' E

Fly to the city of Tangier in Morocco. Find a set of marked binds in the Fish Port. Stack a fisherman's catch into one bin with all the fish pointing the right way to receive your next clue. You have $272 for this leg of the Race.

 Cody learned a smattering of Arabic during his time in the Marines.
 Evan too. She studied in Marrakech.
 can't communicate with their driver. When a bystander says they're close, they get out and walk, but it's still far. They arrive last.
35° 47' N 5° 49' W

Make your way to Kisariate Jbala Souk. Greet a merchant with "As-salam Alaykum" to receive your next clue and a gnome.

23° 33' S 46° 40' W

Who's ready to rock the kasbah?

Send your gnome on a zip line over Tangier, just like Jason Bourne. Then go fetch it from the rooftop where it stops. Proceed to a new rooftop and do it again. Find a telephone booth at the base of this second landing zone and pick up a secret message. Repeat it to the shopkeeper where the phones are, then bring your gnome back to the souk.

 enter the right souk to pick up their clue... but turn around and walk out again.
 Jessica offers to hold Brittany's gnome while she works the phone, but then puts it down.
 Brittany leaves without the gnome, and has to go back for it. She wonders how deliberate an act that was on Jessica's part.
 Jessica saw that Brittany left without her gnome, but they were at the back of the pack, so she felt she couldn't tell her.
 Cedric walks right by the entrance to the souk on his way back.
9° 08' N 79° 43' W
Deliver produce to three locations on foot, dragging it behind you.


Belly dance around tables looking for three words that make up your next Pit Stop.


Travel by taxi to the next Pit Stop....
35° 47' N 5° 49' W
 1st place 11:34 am
Trip for 2 to Zurich
6th place 12:08 pm (+ 0:34)
2nd place 11:35 am (+ 0:01) 7th place 12:25 pm (+ 0:51)
3rd place 11:37 am (+ 0:03) 8th place 12:26 pm (+ 0:52)
4th place 11:41 am (+ 0:07)
 9th place 12:44 pm (+ 1:10)
Will encounter Speed Bump
5th place 11:54 am (+ 0:20)