Episode 5: The Claws Are Out
43° 44' N 4° 47' E

Fly to Prague. Once there, make your way to the Rudolfinium. Caution: Double U-Turn ahead!

First flight
10:00 am


Second flight
11:00 am


sent to both Detours courtesy of .
sent to both Detours courtesy of .
50° 05' N 14° 25' W

[Search stacks of empty beer kegs for one full one. Then draw one glass out of that keg perfectly. Then deliver the keg to a party (on a riverboat).]


[Attend a pair of lectures giving contrasting cases that the world is flat and round. Remember enough to pass an oral exam by getting eight details right.]

 describe themselves as "solid C students". They bail before the first lecture is over.
 search for the party boat, given only its name, for over 2 hours.
 go into the wrong lecture hall, one where a class is being conducted in Czech.
 miss only one question out of the eight, including a seven-digit number from the lecture without knowing they would need that number.
Make your way to Andělská Lázeň Beer Spa and get your next clue from a patron.
50° 04' N 14° 24' E

Make your way to Stará Cistírna Odpadních Vod and search for your next clue.

50° 07' N 14° 24' W

[Who's prepared to attempt the absurd, again?]

The Kafka Challenge: Find the 8 ringing phones that have a voice on the other end. Listen to the words you get from each phone and assemble them into a Kafka quote. Fill it into a form and turn it in to the bureaucrat to receive your next clue.

["The meaning of life is that it stops."]

  Evan and Daniel work together.
 Jessica tells Brittany that "this" is one of the eight words. She, and others, accept this. Jessica tries a quote, and it's correct. She tells the others the correct quote after she has her clue.
 Trevor guesses the quote from only five or six words.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
 have trouble getting a cab.
50° 05' N 14° 25' E
 1st place 10:08 am
Trip for 2 to Perth
5th place 11:50 am (+ 1:42)
2nd place 10:48 am (+ 0:40) 6th place
3rd place 11:?? am (+ 1:21)
 7th place
4th place 11:44 am (+ 1:36)  
 Phil warns teams to expect the unexpected.