Episode 6: All's Fair in Love and War
50° 05' N 14° 25' E

Fly to Harare, Zimbabwe. Once there, travel by diesel train from Harare to Marondera and the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservancy.

18° 28' S 31° 29' E

The early bird gets the worm. Build your safari tent as fast as you can and then settle in for the night.

 Phil wakes the teams at 4 am, sunrise. It's a partner swap! The first team to build their tent gets to pick a team to switch partners with, with no indication of how long the swap will be in effect.
Row, row, row your makeshift bush raft. Search the islands of Imire for two canteens of water and your next clue.
18° 28' S 31° 29' E
Ride on horseback and find several [eight] pieces of evidence of animal poaching. Identify the locations where each is found on a map for your next clue.


Drive a 4x4 through bogs and replenish a bush ranger's water's supply to receive your next clue.


 both rely on their partners for driving stick. They immediately switch when they find out they can't drive the 4x4.
 agonize over the decision to take the other Detour option.
 didn't pay attention to the order in which they collected their evidence, so they spin their wheels. Jessica asks Evan if they want to work together immediately after she arrives. Evan turns her down.
 can't do Bushwhack because there aren't enough 4x4s.
 get it right on the first try.
 get stuck in a water crossing.
 are blocked by Lucas & Conor and can't go the safer way. They get stuck too.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop.
18° 28' S 31° 29' E
Arrived first Arrived fourth
Arrived second
 Arrived fifth
Evan & Daniel and Henry & Eric check in!
 Arrived third
Brittany & Alex and Lucas & Conor check in!
 Arrived last
Cody & Jen and Jessica & Kristi check in!
  1st place
  3rd place
  2nd place
 Phil declares the teams no longer swapped. So that made a *huge* difference.
18° 28' S 31° 29' E

Make your way to Khan Fabrics & Haberdashery in Harare. You have $13 for this leg of the race.

sent to both Detours courtesy of .
sent to both Detours courtesy of .
9° 08' N 79° 43' W
Deliver seven packages from the mailroom of a modern mall to various businesses. Pick up their mail and bring it back.


Deliver two tires by rolling them through a market half a mile to a truck at Cameroon Hardware.


 help Evan & Henry on their way out of the mall.
 Jen helps Henry & Evan with directions, but Kristi yells at her after Evan refused to help them at the previous Detour.
 deliver to the wrong truck.
Take your car to the city's largest park, Harare Gardens, and search for your next clue.
17° 49' S 31° 03' E

Get down the Zimbab-way! Learn and perform a song in a local language. You'll be judged on pronunciation and showmanship.

 All teams are at the singing challenge at the same time.
 Cody pushes to get in line for the stage when Jessica is sure they're not ready. When the band cuts the music on him, he stops practicing.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
17° 50' S 31° 03' E
 1st place 8:41 am
Trip for 2 to St. Lucia
4th place 9:24 am (+ 0:43)
2nd place 8:46 am (+ 0:05) 5th place 9:35 am (+ 0:54)
3rd place 9:05 am (+ 0:24)
 6th place