Episode 7: The First Rule of Amazing Race Club
 Jessica somehow loses her shoes during the gap between legs. They go back to the same mall from the Detour to buy replacements.
17° 50' S 31° 03' E

Fly to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Find your clue in the cars in the parking lot.

 discover that Lucas's passport has gone missing while they're on a layover in Dubai. They figure he left it on the plane, and now that plane is gone. They haven't recovered it by the time their flight to Bahrain leaves. They go to the American embassy in UAE to get an expedited emergency passport.
 have driven races in Bahrain more than ten times.
26° 16' N 50° 38' E

Drive yourselves to the dhow shipyard at the Maroc Fisherman Port. Once there, search for your next clue.

26° 15' N 50° 37' E

It's time to haul some timber. Carry 300 lb of wood across the shipyard and weigh it to receive your next clue.

Drive yourselves to Showaiter Sweets and sample a local dessert, the King of Halwa.
26° 15' N 50° 37' E

Drive yourselves to Delmon Pottery Industry in the village of A'Ali and search for your next clue.

26° 10' N 50° 31' E

Memorize the contents of a pouch. Search inside pots for the tens items identical to the ones in your pouch.

Drive yourselves to the Bahrain Endurance Village and search for your next clue.
25° 59' N 50° 29' E

Milk a camel. Fill a cup.

Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
26° 00' N 50° 35' E
 1st place 10:18 am
$7500 each
4th place 12:05 am (+ 1:47)
2nd place 10:40 am (+ 0:22)
 5th place
3rd place 11:25 am (+ 1:07)  
26° 00' N 50° 35' E

Fly to Chiang Mai in exotic Thailand. Once there, travel by songthau to Royal Park Rajapruek. Search for elephant statues to find your next clue.

18° 45' N 98° 55' E

Present one of the garlands here to a lady in white with a parasol. If she hasn't already accepted one from another team, you'll receive your next clue.

18° 45' N 98° 55' E
Calculate the size and weight of an elephant by taking a series of careful measurements.


Catch 20 bullfrogs in a muddy rice paddy and deposit them into a basket.


 have to measure the circumference of an elephant's foot, but she keeps lifting it before they can finish.
 go to the frog Detour, decide it's terrible, and switch.
 's frogs keep slipping out of their grasp.
Make your way to the Original Khantoke Restaurant and search for your next clue.
18° 48' N 99° 02' E

Who wants to Thai something new?

Eat three scorpions and a frog (while scorpions crawl all over your partner].

 Jessica loses her marbles.
 Evan has a thing about bugs.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
18° 47' N 98° 59' E
 1st place 6:45 am
Trip for 2 to Curaçao
3rd place 7:15 am (+ 0:30)
2nd place 6:47 am (+ 0:02)
 4th place 7:44 (+ 0:59)
Will encounter Speed Bump