Episode 8: It's Just a Million Dollars. No Pressure
18° 47' N 98° 59' E

Fly to the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong. Once there, find a photographer's kiosk at the Lion's Pavilion at Victoria Peak.

22° 17' N 114° 09' E

Light the way by setting up 40 paper lanterns.

22° 17' N 114° 09' E

Once you have your photograph, travel by taxi to Aberdeen Promenade and search the waterfront for your next clue.

22° 15' N 114° 09' E
Tie up a basket of 50 crabs for transport in rainy conditions.


Take eight orders in Cantonese and relay them to your partner in the kitchen to serve.


 Conor gets badly pinched by one of the crabs. They bail.
 Henry uses strategy taking the orders, only listening to every other one so he can take them down, because they're delivered rapid fire one after the other.
Make your way by taxi to the roof of Central Pier No. 4 and search for your next clue.
22° 17' N 114° 10' E

Who wants to get smashed?

In a local form of stress relief, bash dead electronics with a baseball bat until your find both halves of your next clue [while your partner gets a briefcase handcuffed to them].

 Henry breaks his first bat.
 Conor takes out his crab aggression. He breaks a bat as well.
 Kristi is in a lot of pain breaking things. She forgets that she's looking for something in the electronics, and doesn't realize what her goal is until she asks for a check that everything is smashed enough.
Make your way by taxi to Lan Kwai Fong and search for signs with images related to previous legs. Use the numbers associated with those legs to unlock the briefcase you're carrying which contains your next clue.

[Arch at Washington Square = 1, fez = 3, bull = 5]

 finish first. They pass Alex & Conor on the way to their cab, and Henry tells them which way along the sign-covered street to go to find their last clue. Evan yells at him for doing it.
 have their last sign pointed out by a local partygoer. They don't believe him. They eventually open their case by trying every combination of the two numbers they have plus any other digit.
22° 17' N 114° 11' E
 1st place
3rd place
2nd place
 4th place
22° 17' N 114° 11' E

Fly to your final destination city, San Francisco, in business premier class on the tickets provided. Once there, make your way to the statue of the Say Hey Kid [at AT&T Park, home of the Giants.]

37° 47' N 122° 23' W

Pull some balls from the drink. Get in kayaks and find three balls that make the total number of career home runs for Willie Mays. [His statue will tell you it's 660.]

 are the only team to get the number before getting into their boat.
37° 47' N 122° 23' W

Who brought an extra pair of underwear?

Use an ascender to climb an anchorage of the Bay Bridge, a height of 200 feet. Then enter the anchorage and jump off a platform back to water level in the dark.

 Evan falls way behind the skier and the marine.
Make your way to....

37° 48' N 122° 24' W

Each of you make one tray of 51 fortune cookies.

 Jessica's cookies look wonky.
Search for your next clue at the USS Hornet.
 have trouble getting a cab.
37° 46' N 122° 18' W

Together, search this entire ship for 12 pieces of a large-scale model airplane, and bring them to the fuselage of the matching colour airplane up on deck. Once you've collected all the pieces, assemble them into an airplane that has exactly one decal relating to each of the 12 legs of the Race. If you ascended the bridge, your partner must do the assembly alone. When you're cleared for takeoff, run to the other end of the deck and the finish line!

 The task takes over two and a half hours to complete.
 Henry gets the right combination... and then swaps out a piece.
37° 46' N 122° 18' W
 1st place
3rd place
2nd place