Episode 7: Are You Sure This Is Safe?
25° 36' N 32° 38' E

Take one of the marked taxis to Luxor's airport. From there, take one of two flights to Cairo. Find a further flight to Nairobi, Kenya, and sign up for one of three charter flights to a mystery destination. You have $75 for this leg of the race.

and  split the group along loyalty lines, after Christie blocks Charla's way into the Cairo airport.
On Colin's Side

Staying Out Of It

On Mirna's Side

 flaunt her early tickets in front of the other teams in the Cairo airport. They book the same flight. When they and Linda & Karen switch to an earlier flight that is later delayed, they wind up last.
Charter #1: 8:00 am

Charter #2: 8:45 am

Charter #3: 9:30 am

5° 23' S 38° 02' E

Take a bus to Mto wa Mbu.

3° 21' S 35° 50' E
Ride a bike to a honey farm and put on beekeeping equipment. Harvest 2 kg of honey.

Deliver two chairs to one of various addresses by cart. Bring a receipt back to the store for your clue.


Travel to Kibaoni and find the Kavishe Hotel.
3° S 36° E

Who's really hungry?

Eat a whole ostrich egg. Pour enough of the egg to fill the bowl. Cook it and scramble it. Eat it all—about the same volume as 24 chicken eggs—to get your clue.

Travel across a nearby valley by flying fox to the Lake Manyara Lookout.
3° 35' S 35° 50' E
 1st place 5:33 pm
Latin American vacation
4th place 6:28 pm (+ 0:55)
2nd place 6:01 pm (+ 0:28) 5th place 6:33 pm (+ 1:00)
3rd place 6:03 pm (+ 0:30)
 6th place

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