Episode 4: What If It Isn't Sanitary?
59° 19' N 18° 5' E

Make your way to the top of Stockholm's Town Hall Tower (2.5 miles).

Teams who wait for the town hall to open at 10:00 am
and go to the Sheraton to sleep it off:

Teams there when the Town Hall Tower really opens at 7:00 am:

59° 19' N 18° 4' E

Fly [3500 miles] to the city of Dakar in the country of Senegal. [Your clue can be found just outside the airport.]

14° 40' N 17° 26' W

Find out who wrote the enclosed poem, "Femme Noire", and make your way to the author's final resting place to retrieve your next clue.

 make their second bonehead mistake of the leg when they decide to start guessing cemeteries before figuring out who the poet is. Hours-of-operation bunching saves them.
14° 41' N 17° 25' W

Make your way [35 miles north] to the beach village of Kayar. Search for the business, Vieux Ngom Charpentier.

14° 55' N 17° 8' W
Walk to a nearby fish stacking area. Carry enough baskets of salted fish to completely cover a drying table. When you have done this to the fisherwoman's satisfaction, she will hand over your next clue.

Go up the beach to a marked boat, where you will be taken out to a fertile fishing area. Use a traditional fishing line to catch four fish. Deliver them to the man on shore, and he will hand over your next clue.

 's Don and  's Hera both get quite seasick.
Travel by taxi to the salt mounds at Lac Rose and find your next clue.
14° 50' N 17° 15' W

Who wants to bathe in rose water?

Wade into the lake, and using the tools provided, harvest enough salt to completely fill a 25-gallon basket on shore. You cannot take any of the salt already harvested; you have to get it from the bottom. Use the bucket to bring back the salt. When the basket is completely full, the supervisor will hand over your next clue.

 's Mary Jean gets applause from on-lookers when she completes the salt harvest.
Make your way [by taxi, 30 miles, and then by ferry] to Île de Gorée and search the streets for your next pit stop.
14° 38' N 17° 23' W
 1st place 12:52 pm
West Caribbean cruise
5th place 2:21 pm (+ 1:29)
2nd place 2:18 pm (+ 1:26) 6th place 2:22 pm (+ 1:30)
3rd place 2:19 pm (+ 1:27) 7th place 2:45 pm (+ 1:53)
4th place 2:20 pm (+ 1:28)
 8th place 4:28 pm (+ 3:36)
Money confiscated

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