Episode 1: Where in the World is Ogopogo?
43° 05' N 79° 04' W

If you win the first leg of the race you'll win one Express Pass for your team, and one that you must give away to another team before the end of Leg 3. You must use the Express Pass before the end of Leg 7.

Drive yourselves to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory. Search outside for your next clue.

43° 08' N 79° 03' W

Search the flight area of the Conservatory for pairs of clues, one for each of you. [You'll find them inside clear cases containing creepy critters. The clues contain your plane ticket vouchers, so the nastier the critter you face, the better your flight time will be.]

 only take one of the two clues.
Find the yellow truck next to the blue bear in Kelowna, British Columbia, and search for your next clue.
First flight


Second flight
1 h 30 later


49° 53' N 119° 30' W

Make your way to the Lakefront Water Sports kiosk and rent a personal watercraft that you will need for your next clue. You have $40 loaded on the enclosed Product Placement debit card for this leg of the race.

 The five lead teams make a pact that whoever wins the Express Passes, they'll just give the second one to whichever of them arrives next.
49° 53' N 119° 30' W

Who's not afraid of the deep?

Travel by personal watercraft to the diving platform marked on the enclosed map. Once there, put on a diving suit and search the lake bottom for a statue of Ogopogo, the local equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster. Ogopogo has your next clue.

Vanessa battles her claustrophobia while diving.
  get lost trying to find Ogopogo first, rather than the diving platform..
Drive yourselves to Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park and search for your next clue at the abandoned trestle bridge.
49° 48' N 119° 24' W

Who's ready to get "trained"? If you did the diving, your partner must do this.

Climb down from the trestle bridge and out onto a plank extending over the canyon. Reach down and retrieve your next clue, then jump off and get lowered to the canyon floor and your partner.

Celina struggles with her acrophobia on the beam.
Jody's prosthetic limbs don't allow him to crouch down to retrieve the clue.
Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop...
decide to follow their new friends, Jamie & Pierre, knowing they can outrun them.
49° 51' N 119° 34' W
  1st place 5:00 am
Express Passes!
Airfare for two to Sydney, Australia
6th place [not aired]
2nd place 5:16 am (+ 0:16) 7th place [not aired]
3rd place 5:35 am (+ 0:35)
 Arrived 8th 6:59 am
Penalty: +0:30 Did not take both clues
4th place [not aired] 8th place 7:00 am (+ 2:00)
 Arrived 5th
Penalty: +0:30 Did not take both clues
 9th place
5th place [not aired]