Episode 2: Se Hou Leng
49° 51' N 119° 34' W

Fly to Vancouver, BC. Proceed to the [first class lounge] in YVR airport to receive your next clue.

You have $200 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

First flight
 7:00 am


Second flight
8:20 am


Third flight
10:55 am

49° 12' N 123° 11' W

Make your way [by SkyTrain] to the Richmond Oval and search the grounds for your next clue.

 's cabbie was in the bathroom.
 leave ahead of them.
 try to withdraw their money from the fancy new debit cards, and the process isn't fast.
 get off at the stop before the arena and walk, but it's a long walk.
49° 10' N 123° 09' W

Who's skating on thin ice?

Complete 2 laps around the speed skating track in under 1 m 36 s to receive your next clue.

Brett falls down a lot.
Make your way to the Millennium Gate in Vancouver and search for your next clue.
 ask about the gate inside the Oval. They're offered a call to the taxi since it's not the best-travelled neighbourhood.
 wait on the street for a cab.
 stop their cabbie from calling a cab for Jet & Dave.
49° 17' N 123° 06' W
Each of you will drink a cup of tea at a tea shop to reveal to reveal two of the 12 animal characters of the Chinese zodiac. Make your way to the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden and correctly draw those characters from memory to receive your next clue. If you fail, go back to the tea shop for two more cups of tea, and probably two different characters.


Make your way to the Chinese Cultural Centre. Pick up a list — written in Mandarin — of components of a Chinese lion costume. Translate it to find the addresses where the pieces can be found. Once you have the pieces, come back, and learn and perform a lion dance to receive your next clue.


Travel by taxi to DP World, 377 E Waterfront Rd. Climb to the top of a 200-ft crane. Scan the horizon for your next Pit Stop.
get taken to touristy Water Street in Gastown instead.
Jody's sniper training helps him spot the flag on a roof across the water.
49° 17' N 123° 07' W
 1st place 3:57 am
Airfare for two to any destination in Asia
5th place 5:23 am (+ 1:26)
2nd place 4:12 am (+ 0:15) 6th place 5:44 am (+ 1:47)
3rd place 4:51 am (+ 0:54) 7th place 5:45 am (+ 1:48)
4th place 4:58 am (+ 1:01)
 8th place