Episode 3: Hoodoos and Hoodonts
49° 17' N 123° 07' W

Fly to Calgary, Alberta. Make your way to the Internet cafe at 1565 Robson Street and book online to the Product Placement airline. Once in Calgary, find the statue of Outlaw.

You have Alberta oil money loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 have promised the second Express Pass to Holly & Brett based on their placement in the first leg, but they're not sure if they can trust them.
 rearrange the maps in the airport bookstore, hiding all the Calgary maps.
 swap their tickets for the early flight at the airport.
First flight
 7:00 am


Second flight
8:00 am


 give the Express Pass to Vanessa & Celina on the plane.
51° 03' N 114° 04' W

Drive yourselves to Ranchman's Cookhouse and search the exterior for your next clue.

50° 58' N 114° 04' W

Who wants to get in line?

Perform a routine with a group of line dancers [and make it good, 'cause the judge this time is quite a hard-ass].

 Dave relies on his cheerleading background.
 Jody has a hard time performing the dance steps exactly without feet.
 Holly suffers through 7 attempts at the line dancing before succeeding.
 Tim Sr took 4 attempts.
Drive yourselves to the Hoodoos outside Drumheller, AB.
 drive one hour the wrong way.
51° 30' N 112° 38' W
Make your way to the Atlas Coal Mine. Use shovels to fill a mining car and tag it correctly to receive your next clue.


Make your way to the Royal Tyrell Museum. Study a dinosaur display, then assemble a model skeleton from memory.

Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop....
drive off the wrong way.
51° 32' N 112° 52' W
 1st place 2:10 am
Airfare for two to any destination in the U.S.
5th place 4:30 am (+ 2:20)
2nd place 2:38 am (+ 0:28) 6th place 4:32 am (+ 2:22)
3rd place 3:23 am (+ 1:13)
 7th place 4:37 am (+ 2:27)
Will encounter Speed Bump
4th place 3:50 am (+ 1:40)