Episode 4: Grab a Nug
51° 32' N 112° 52' W

Fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Once there, drive yourselves to the Bush Pilot Monument and search for your next clue.

You have $1 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 All teams bunch on the 6:00 am flight.
62° 28' N 114° 21' W

Drive yourselves to Government Dock, then make your way on foot over ice to the bed and breakfast on Great Slave Lake and search for your next clue.

 are the only team to realize that Government Dock is more or less across the street.
62° 30' N 114° 20' W

Who wants to do a whole lot of shaking?

Do a polar bear dip: strip down to underwear, plunge into one side of the ice hole, swim across, retrieve your clue and climb out.

 Cory has to jump twice because he didn't grab the clue while he was in the water.
 Tim Jr. tries to get in ahead of Dave by getting into his harness faster, but the crowd of spectators boos him.
Make your way to the airport and sign up for a flight to Carcross, Yukon Territory. Once there, find the Duchess and search fo your next clue
 get lost on the way to the airport.
 sign up for Flight 3 when a spot for Flight 2 was still available. Cory asks Hal & Joanne to give the spot back.
 turn them down, saying it's not their responsibility to fix another team's mistake.
First flight


Second flight
+ 0:20


Third flight
+ 0:40


60° 01' N 134° 42' W

Learn four stanzas of Robert W. Service's "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" and recite them from memory.

60° 01' N 134° 42' W
Construct a raft from the materials provided and use it to carry supplies across a lake.


Complete 3 competitive lumberjack events: saw through a log, throw an axe, and complete a wheelbarrow obstacle course blindfolded.


Make your way to the next Pit Stop....
lose their car keys.
60° 11' N 134° 42' W
 1st place 8:47 am
Trip for 2 to Cancún
4th place 9:20 am (+ 0:33)
2nd place 8:51 am (+ 0:04) 5th place 9:22 am (+ 0:35)
3rd place 9:06 am (+ 0:19) 6th place 9:32 am (+ 0:45)
 Arrived 4th
Must retrieve bags
 7th place
drop their bags early while running through the desert toward the mat. Jon makes them go back — you're allowed to drop your bags, but it has to be within sight of the mat.