Episode 5: Death by Lentils
60° 11' N 134° 42' W

Make your way to the SS Klondike and search for your next clue. Caution: U-Turn ahead!

You have $200 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 call a second cab for second-place Holly & Brett.
60° 43' N 135° 03' W

Fly to Regina, Saskatchewan. Once there, go to the parking lot.

  are the last to get onto the flight to Edmonton, Alberta, with it's early connection the next day into Regina.
 fly into Calgary, Alberta, but find a flight from there to Edmonton that lets them get onto the connecting flight in time.
First flight
through Edmonton


Second flight
through Calgary


50° 26' N 104° 39' W

Get turn-by-turn directions from the parking attendant via the enclosed Product Placement smartphone.

Make your way to Saskcan Pulse Trading Co. Dig through bins of lentils to find two stuffed toys that will reveal your next destination.

50° 27' N 104° 36' W


 lag behind, about 2 h 30 m, while teams from the second flight pass them. She wants to take a 2-hour penalty. They leave.
 panic when they see Holly & Brett leave, and they take a penalty too.
50° 27' N 104° 40' W

Who's ready for bed?

Make up a cadet's "pit" to an instructor's specifications. Pass muster and you'll receive your next clue. [And if you thought the line dancing judge was tough....]

 Celina cries when the instructor criticizes her.
"I ♥ Regina" [monument in front of City Hall.]
50° 27' N 104° 36' W

[Dance with the Ukrainian folks artists in the square in front of City Hall.]

50° 27' N 104° 37' W

First, make your way to Taylor Field at Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

Participate in football drills: run a lap of the field, then complete speed, agility and strength drills. Then one of you must catch a pass, and the other kick a field goal. If you fail, take a lap and start over.


Learn a choreographed routine with the Rough Rider cheer team, including dancing, flips and cartwheels. [And, thank goodness, these people's standards are much lower.]


Make your way to the luxury box between Sections 26 and 27 in Mosaic Stadium and search for your next clue.
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Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop....
Holly manages to catch the pass on the first try, and Brett kicks the field goal on the first try. They wish Hal & Joanne good luck on their way out.
Joanne says a really naughty word.
50° 26' N 104° 36' W
 1st place 6:15 am
Airfare for two to any destination within Canada
4th place 8:40 am (+ 0:33)
2nd place 7:56 am (+ 1:39)
 Arrived 5th
Did not complete task (+ 2:00)
 Arrived 3rd
Did not complete task (+ 2:00)
5th place 10:15 am (+ 4:00)
3rd place 8:26 am (+ 2:11)
 6th place