Episode 6: Check the Cannons!
50° 26' N 104° 36' W

Fly to Québec City, Québec. Once there make your way to Lévis Forts National Historical Site and search for your next clue.

You have $300 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 All teams bunch waiting for the fort to open at 10 am.
 leave a false clue drawn in sand with their fingers, telling people, in bad French, to look in the cannons.
 fall for it.
 chase them, asking what they're looking for.
46° 49' N 71° 10' W

Take a ferry across the St. Lawrence River and take a funicular up to the Statue of Samuel de Champlain at Chateau Frontenac.

First ferry


Second ferry
+ 0:30


46° 49' N 71° 12' W
Given an outline carved into an ice block, complete an ice sculpture identical to one of the models. You get only a chisel each as tools.


Examine a replica of a nearby mural. Find the mural. Mark the positions of the items missing in your copy with labels — en français, naturellement.


 tell the Tims that Jody & Cory are close as they run past the sculpture area.
 pass Jet & Dave doing the sculptures on their way to the mural. When they hear it's easy, they switch.
 ask a friendly local to translate their labels for them.
Make your way to the Place de l'Université-du-Québec.
 hear Holly & Brett's information as saying that their next clue is close by. They get conflicting information about its location from locals, and they blame Holly & Brett.
46° 49' N 71° 13' W

Qui est prêt... Faites de la pâte lisse !
Who's ready... Batter Up!

Take orders for 4 crêpes — 2 sweet and 2 savoury. Make them all to serve at the same time. All orders, their ingredients & instructions are in oral French.

 Cory makes all his crêpes quickly, but they keep getting rejected because he isn't bringing them all at once.
 Vanessa keeps making her crêpes with an incorrect ingredient. She asks Tim Jr. what cerise means.
 Tim Jr. tells her, to the disappointment of his father.
Make your way to the lacrosse fields on the Plains of Abraham. Each of you must make a pass and score a goal.
46° 48' N 71° 13' W

Search for Jon at your next Pit Stop [adjacent to this park]....

46° 49' N 71° 12' W
 1st place 3:05 am
Airfare for two to any destination in Europe
4th place 3:44 am (+ 0:39)
2nd place 3:38 am (+ 0:33) Tie!
 5th place 4:15 am (+ 1:10)
Will encounter Speed Bump. Again.
2nd place 3:38 am (+ 0:33) Tie!  
  step on the mat at the same time — the footage can't differentiate between them — and with no prizes on the line, the tie is allowed.