Episode 7: We Don't Have Time for the Bathroom!
46° 49' N 71° 12' W

Fly to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Once there search outside the airport for your next clue.

You have $100 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 All teams bunch on the same flight.
63° 45' N 68° 32' W

 are the last out of the airport. Their cabbie stops for the bathroom. They bail on the cab and get a new one.
63° 45' N 68° 40' W

Search for the throat singers by the Sylvia Grinnell River. Listen for the sound to find your next clue.

63° 45' N 68° 40' W

Lead a dog sled team to a cache. Retrieve the food and bring it to your starting point to continue the race.

63° 45' N 68° 40' W
While wearing snowshoes, drag your partner on a sled 1 km to a set of targets on the frozen sea. Each of you must hit the target with a harpoon to receive your next clue. Swap places to come back.


Use precut blocks of snow to build an igloo. An Inuit elder will judge the construction. If you'll pass you'll receive your next clue.


 Jody uses his military training to rig up a harness to drag the sled.
 argue a long time over whether to bail on the task.
 pass Vanessa & Celina on the way there.
 Holly's first throws of the harpoon don't make it halfway to the target. She takes 28 attempts.
Travel by snowmobile across Frobisher Bay to the Hudson's Bay trading post and search for your next clue.
63° 44' N 68° 28' W

Who needs to fatten up?

Consume an entire serving of muktuk: 10 pieces of raw whaleskin and blubber.

Make your way northwest for 1 km [on foot] and search for Jon and your next Pit Stop.
63° 44' N 68° 28' W
 1st place 11:39 am
Airfare for two to any destination in the Caribbean
4th place 11:57 am (+ 0:37)
2nd place 11:53 am (+ 0:14)
 5th place
3rd place 11:55 am (+ 0:35)