Episode 8: Clutch and Release
63° 44' N 68° 28' W

Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Once there, find a Product Placement car [with manual transmission] in the parking lot. Caution: U-Turn ahead!

You have $30 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 are That Team who've driven stick just once in their lives.
 give them some tips about how to do it.
 All teams bunch on the same flight including a stopover in Ottawa.
 check a bag "for a couple of weeks" in the Ottawa airport, so that they're only carrying one between them.
44° 53' N 63° 31' W

[USB key]

Drive to the National Historic Site Pier 21 and search for your next clue.

 can't get out of the airport. Then they stall out at a red light.
 Hours of operation cause all teams to bunch at the museum.
44° 38' N 63° 34' W

From 1927–71, Pier 21 acted as the Ellis Island of Canada. One-fifth of all Canadians have some connection to the immigration offices that were in operation here.

Teams have the opportunity to explore before "immigration officials" come out. Collect a passport and get it stamped at seven stations around the museum. Trade in a fully stamped passport to receive your next clue.

Drive yourselves to Mahone Bay, NS. Search for your next clue across the street from St. James Anglican Church.
44° 27' N 64° 23' W

Who wants to find their long-lost twin?

Examine the photos of scarecrows on the enclosed smartphone. Search the "downtown" for one that matches a picture, and bring it back to the gazebo in the park. There, build a replica of your scarecrow from the heap of materials in the gazebo to receive your next clue.

Drive yourselves to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenberg. Search inside for your next clue.
44° 23' N 64° 19' W
Board a fishing boat and go out to deep water. Retrieve 6 lobster traps. Get the lobsters out and band their claws.


Sample 12 types of sausage and learn their German names. Correctly identify all 12 by taste and appearance. [You do not have labels to arrange; you must say the names.]


Make your way to St. John's Anglican Church and search inside for your next clue.
 don't recognize the ship on the back of the dime.
 try looking for a wishing well or anything that costs 10¢.
44° 22' N 64° 18' W
 1st place
Airfare for two to any destination in South America
3rd place
2nd place 4th place
 It's a "Pit Go": Jon gives teams a clue to catch a ferry for Newfoundland. No elimination or penalty.