Episode 9: Ah-Mazing
44° 22' N 64° 18' W

Make your way by ferry to St. John's, Newfoundland: catch a bus from Lunenberg to Sydney, then catch an overnight ferry to Port-aux-Basques. From there, run to claim a shuttle. The two early ones have room for only one team each.

You have $300 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 are That Team who've driven stick just once in their lives.
 give them some tips about how to do it.
 Tim Sr. is the last person to run to the shuttles.
First shuttle

Second shuttle
+ 0:15

Third shuttle
+ 0:30


47° 34' N 52° 42' W

Memorize the inspirational quote at the monument. Then travel by taxi to Quidi Vidi. Find the kitchen party at the enclosed address, a local brewing company, and recite the quote to get inside. Once there, get screeched in to become a true Newfoundlander: kiss a cod and drink a glass of the local rum, called screech — 40% alcohol by volume.

 beat Tim and Tim to a taxi.
 get a cab driver who's only on her fourth day on the job.
 Cory can't remember the last half of the quote. Five minutes into the trip back to the mile marker, he remembers and they go back to the party.
Make your way to Shea Heights Overlook and search for your next clue.
44° 23' N 64° 19' W
Pick a Newfoundland dog and cart. Deliver bottles of milk and dozens of eggs to four address up Holloway Street, known to the locals as "Heart Attack Hill" for its steep incline. If you break anything, go back to the beginning and start over.


Memorize a local story as told by two Newfies, including the local slang and jargon. Re-tell the story to a captive audience across the street. Get it all correct, and you receive your next clue. If you get a key word wrong, and you start over.


 have one cracked egg and have to go back.
Make your way to O'Brien's Music Store and search inside for your next clue.
47° 34' N 52° 43' W

Who needs to get their act together?

Enter the store and get supplies to busk for money. Entertain the crowds and earn $50. Celina, Dave, Jody and Tim Sr. must perform this RoadBlock.

 Jody tells the story of how he lost his legs, rather than singing or dancing.
 have bragged about how much acting they've done, and here brag about how many bands they've been in. Dave tries to get his money by repeatedly singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".
 Celina is a girl.
Make your way to the next Pit Stop, the easternmost point in North America....
47° 31' N 52° 37' W
 1st place 2:56 am
One year of super-first class status with the Product Placement airline & a call home
3rd place 3:21 am (+ 0:25)
2nd place 2:57 am (+ 0:01)
 4th place
 It's a "Pit Go": Jon gives teams a clue to catch a ferry for Newfoundland. No elimination or penalty.