Episode 10: The Family Race-Off
47° 31' N 52° 37' W

Fly to your final destination city: Toronto. Once there, locate the woman with the maple leaf baseball cap just outside the airport.

You have $400 loaded on your debit card for this leg of the race.

 All teams bunch at the airport, and are upgraded to first class as congratulations.
43° 41' N 79° 37' W

Make your way to the L Tower.

43° 39' N 79° 23' W

Who wants to hang out?

Rappel 44 storeys down face first.

 All three teams start the rappel at the same time.
Find the factory where the enclosed chocolate bar was made.
 have someone Google it on the street.
 ask at a hotel.
 try to rely on their cab driver. He needs an address.
43° 39' N 79° 26' W

Search through boxes of candy to find a chocolate bar made of "gold". Exchange it for your next clue.

 Vanessa is forced to wear gloves because she has nail polish on. She can't open the wrappers.
 Tim Sr.'s hands start shaking from his Parkinson's disease, slowing him down.

Make your way to the Toronto Zoo. Search the grounds [yes, all 287 hectares/710 acres of it] for your next clue.

  get stuck in rush hour traffic.
 keep their cab.
 go to the front of the panda exhibit, but don't go inside.
43° 49' N 79° 11' W

Make your way to Evergreen Brick Works. Search the exterior for your next clue.

43° 41' N 79° 22' W

Who's got the race all mapped out? If you did the rappel, your partner must do this.

Identify the territorial and provincial flags [provided with your clues on entering a new place] and their official flowers [which the Pit Stop greeters wore in their home province or territory].

 arrive an hour and a half after the other teams. Tim Sr. is the only person who kept track of the boutonnieres. On his first try he gets two backwards.
Travel by taxi to the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, and take the ferry to Centre Island, then run to the finish line....
43° 37' N 79° 22' W
 1st place
$250,000, 2 cars and unlimited airfare worldwide for 1 year
3rd place
2nd place