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Torturer & Torquemada family

At the NPL's last convention, I made an evil little puzzle called A Form of Torture. I'll spare you the details, but the idea was that some of the letters turned around so that they became other letters. (cf. One-Eighty) Upper case only. Since any letter can appear in any of four directions, type the lower case version of whatever the things that aren't letters look most like. For example, an upside-down U is "n".

The letters have been put into squares for crosswords or forms. Black squares are made by typing ".". Empty boxes are spaces. In word processors, you may have to fiddle with kerning and line spacing to get the squares to line up and overlap.

Same as Bound, but Crushed can fit two letters per box. Good for bigram squares or piecemeals. Caps have the boxes, lower case letters don't. TyPeLiKeThIsFoRtHeRiGhTeFfEcT.

A baby Unicode font with only the first half-dozen blocks in it or so. None of the combining diacritics are in here because they involve glyphs that have zero advance width, which would make this not a fixed-width font. At least according to all the experimenting I did.

Same idea as Torquemada, but this version's been given only mouldy bread and rancid water. Screw the Geneva Convention! On the other hand it also comes with a bold version somewhere between the two, so I think someone has been hiding chocolate bars or something.


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