I materialize in a hexagonal, wooden room. It looks like a storeroom, with boxes around and a couple of lanterns in corners. There a bench along the back wall, and a lectern on one side. Beside the lectern is a map of some unidentified place, and the lectern has a black, rectangular ring where a book might have sat at one point. This may be significant or not.

There's a hexagonal trap door in the floor, but tugging on it doesn't make it open. Perhaps if I'd bulked up my avatar's body type. Perhaps not.

Outside the doorway to the room, yellow dust starts falling. What on earth is this??

Outside the door there are standard Mystian metal walkways. One inner one hugs the Storeroom tightly, and I start my exploration there. Two sides of the Storeroom counterclockwise from the doorway is some kind of a box. It seems to be part of a contraption similar to the lower half of the well winch from the Cleft. It doesn't seem to do anything, so I ignore it.

Hanging from the back of the Storeroom is a journey cloth. I tag it and get the thumb again. This time, it glows gold instead of blue. The hand icon I used to open Teledahn's pedestal did likewise, so perhaps each of the Ages has its own colour.

As a sidebar, if I chose, I could now appear here at the last journey cloth I touched, but this would appear to set me back a few paces, so this option is yet to be useful.

There's nothing more interesting around the other side of the outside of the Storeroom that I can see, so I go back around to the doorway and go out a level to the next walkway.

Right at the outset of the walkway, coterminal with the doorway is what looks like it might be an elevator. There's a dead button here, so we need to restore power here too.

There is nothing else thrilling on the outer walkway so I go 180 degrees around and outside.

The sun goes whizzing by.

By now, Kite, my boyfriend, has had his attention sufficiently drawn to the game that he's kibbitzing. He comments that we must be at the pole of the world we're on. That doesn't work. If we were, the sun would stay near the equator, not loom near the horizon like it is. Additionally, it would still take a "day" for the sun to appear to go around once. I don't want to contemplate the astronomy of this world. I merely think that if this were Obsidian and not Myst, we'd need to stop the sun, or otherwise somehow control it. Best just to ignore it all for now unless I completely run out of ideas.

I emerge from the ginormous mushroom where I entered this Age. The place is done in, well, mushroom. A little bit of pixie dust still falls here. Welcome to Teledahn, the Narcotic Age.

Ahead of the walkway is a fork. I decide that the left side is actually the branch off and climb up that ramp.

This would appear to be where the action is. At the top of the ramp is some kind of round control centre. There's another contraption in the middle, and a big flashing yellow button on it. There's a symbol on it that is a D'ni number. Which I should have written down when I had the chance. I know it's not the number 1, so I pass on pressing it just in case there are other numbered buttons around that I need to press first.

Clockwise from my entry ramp there's a platform with a big twisted cable thing connected to it. There's a lever on the platform. I chant the First Law and flip the lever. Nothing happens.

Continuing around the Control Centre, there's a dead scope to look into. I Escape to stop looking in it. Further still is another platform, cable and lever. I flip this one too. Next is an exit ramp leading down. I skip this and visit the third platform. More of the cable and lever groove, but this third lever is stuck where it was.

I go back down the ramp I used to get to the Control Centre and take the other fork. I keep an eye out for journey cloths, but don't see any.

I see a barrel-shaped contraption and a lever in front of it. I pull the lever. (Levers are our friends. They always work. Unless they're stuck.) There's a chunking sound that may be emanating from the barrel, but nothing overtly moves or changes. To the left of the lever is a staircase going down, and more walkway.

The walkway ends abruptly in a rather incongruous do-not-pass road barrier. Beyond it, we see the reason why: the path here has collapsed into the drink, as so many Mystian walkways do.

I return to the Control Centre and explore the other exit ramp. It too has collapsed, but onto the cap of one of the many nearby mushrooms. The other side of the walkway is there, above my head, but this isn't Prince of Persia, and I can't grab it and haul myself up. It's another dead end for now.

Having exhausted all other options, I go back to the shiny, yellow button. I push it. Nothing happens.

While I'm playing, Kite is preparing pizza dough. He comes in and starts asking seriously about the game. I gesture to him to be my guest and he starts exploring the Age while I do the sauce and toppings for the pizza. He too finds the journey cloth and asks all sorts of silly questions. ("Did you try opening the trap door?" "Did you try the lever?")

Being the sort of person he is, he hammers on the shiny, yellow button. After a few presses, the contraption in the centre of the Control Centre springs to life. Turns out, it was marked with the number 3, meaning, "push me three times". It looks like some kind of a radio receiver. I shove him out of the seat (we love each other, really we do) and while he takes his turn in the kitchen, I start looking at the scope.

It allows one to see 360 degrees around, but there doesn't appear to be anything significant around to look at.

We switch again and Kite goes over to the barrel contraption. He discovers that it's possible to go down beside the barrel contraption and climb into a bucket thing connected to it. We're obscured from view, and we can't be in first-person mode when we're there. Moving has Dart climb back out again.

Kite's control over making the avatar move around is shakier than mine, so I try to make him pull the lever, then run down to the bucket and climb in before the chunking noise stops. There isn't time, at least not enough for my skill with the keyboard.

We wander around a bit more, but we don't make any more progress. I point out that we have three more untouched Ages to try. Dart links back to Relto.