I link into this Age in the middle of a dry basin. Kite comments that the basin must have been flooded at one point because of the cracking in the ground. The basin is dotted with extremely green plants and a few odd scars in the ground that vent steam every once in a while. A couple of the bigger ones have little hexagonal manhole covers in front of them. Clicking on the covers doesn't do anything, so I start looking around.

There's a dirt mound to climb up out of the basin. At the top, there's a way of going left or right. I can see an impressively wide waterfall off in the distance. I choose left but it dead-ends pretty quickly. Off on top of the rocks to the right, far above me, there's an onion-shaped building with pipes coming out of it. The pipes lead down past me off the side of the ridge I'm walking on and into a precipice with molten lava running through it. Reminiscent of Selentic Age.

The way off to the right helixes up around the basin. At a couple of points the tall rocks surrounding this area have cracks in them and through them, a more lush, well built-up space outside. Figures that I'd wind up in here with the lava. I pass by a couple of densely-thorned vines. At the top of the winding path there's a broad clearing with more plants and another vent with a cover. The angle at which I approach this particular cover, though, allows me to notice a foot pedal attached to it, identical to the one on the well winch in the Cleft. My avatar taps it with my foot, and the cover slides over top of the vent. Aha.

Rather than jog back down to cover the two vents I've already seen, I look around more, always in search of journey cloths. I spot a narrow passage leading back and down from the clearing. There are stone walls all the way down which I examine for a cloth. Kite pointed out that on Teledahn there was a cloth right near the drop point. So far none has materialized here.

The passage takes me across the precipice and behind the pipes I'd seen before. It opens out onto a rock bridge. Past that it switchbacks left into a low sunken area more overgrown with plants. There are a great many vents here, too, but only two of them are all growed up enough to earn covers. I flip these two. I can hear the remaining vents spewing gas harder around me as it discharges rhythmically. Pressure is building.

Seeing no other direction I can move in, I head back the way I came. I climb up to the rock bridge and I see it, the first journey cloth of this Age.

It's attached to the side of a freakin' cliff.

There's a little shelf of rock maybe eight feet below the edge of the precipice. And right there, plain as day is the journey cloth, not-waving at me with its little hand.

To verify what I fear is true, I step forward to see what's below that shelf. As I predicted, it sits above the river of glowing orange lava. And one lonely little island in the stream where a sixth vent and cover are.

What, has Yeesha got it in for me? Remember what I said earlier about my reluctance to throw my alter ego off of cliffs? Kite said that there'd be a cloth right nearby. I hate it when he's right.

Seeing the cloth only increases my count of Things I Know That I Should Do to one, so I backtrack all the way to the basin. I cover the two vents there, and now the hexagonal covers are rattling from the pressure. I don't know what will happen if and when I cover the last one, but it's gonna be loud, I'm sure.

I make my way over to The Freakin' Cliff and look down. Edge of the shelf? Check. Final vent? Check. Certain death? Check. Well, I'm in the right spot. I step forward until I'm at the edge, and and I step forward once more. Dart, hearty soul that he is, plummets down eight feet to the shelf, but with way more forward momentum than he was supposed to have. He bounces off the cliff, misses his approach for the island, skids off the side and toward molten rock. Being no dummy, he panic-links his digital butt back to Relto.