I'm on the right side of the Purple Platform. I head back to those stairs and proceed to the right side of the T intersection. I can see some man-made object sitting right out in the open, which is a pleasant change. As I draw nearer, I can see that it's another scope. Superficially, what I see though it is the same sort of thing I saw at the other Purploscope, but they're not identical. I spend some time playing with it. Nothing amusing or illuminating happens. I scout out the rest of the area in search of better material for my stumblethrough, but come up dry. This arm of the T is a dead end too. There's a counterpart to the Purploscope deep in the cul-de-sac, but it doesn't have a journey cloth attached to its back side.

On the way back out to the drop point, I pass Purploscope #2 from the rear. It appears also to be a fountain. What significance this has, I dunno.

I wade back to my starting point and go left. Nothing but tree in any direction. This place gives me the creeps. I keep expecting to see people. Or a pack of wolves, or something to grab me. Couldn't tell you why, given that this is Myst and nothing bad ever happens to you. Oh, except for those people in Riven who hit me over the head. And the lunatic who threw a firebomb into Atrus' house. Okay, maybe my fears a little justified. So far, though, I lack motivation to get anything much done except look for journey cloths. And why am I doing that?

I arrive at another, larger chamber that doesn't have nearly enough floor to go around. I have a boo around the room from where I stand and spot another goodie.

I start walking around the edge of the chamber and see a grandiose structure in the middle of the room. For a subconscious reason I liken it to a cathedral, despite it being the wrong shape, too small, and in a shambles. The Cathedral has a steep stairway beckoning me upwards, and I climb it.

At the pinnacle I see another Purploscope. I tinker with it, with the same results I've had thus far. Turning around, I spy another lectern with a book on it. I'm suspicious. I don't want another balcony. I leave the Purple Pulpit and continue to edge my way around to the journey cloth to interrupt my exploring of this Age as little as possible. Tag.

Feeling a bit more secure, I retrace my steps and examine the linking book. The image on the page doesn't resemble a balcony in the slightest. Good. There's also a stamp on the left-hand page. It's the same DRC logo I saw on the ki sign in Gahreesen. Did they leave the book here? I take my chances and link in.