It occurred to me that I really didn't do a whole lot in Gahreesen last time. I found the Balcony Ages on that trip, and got a little sidetracked. I figured I'd go back and make sure that I did a more thorough job of looking around.

In the meantime, though, there has been a new development on Relto.

I don't remember ordering a tree, but it's a nice addition, and one that I didn't see here before. The nice part about recording my travels for posterity is that I can be sure that I don't have a picture of it. Then again, let's face it, what's the likelihood that I'd snap a shot of a place where there wasn't a tree, just on the off-chance that one would grow there in my life?

I double-check my Relto linking book to see what that new page I picked up in Eggplant Tolesa was. Wanna guess?

So maybe those pages do something after all. So what did that other page, the thistle-looking one, do?

Later, later. The garrison awaits.