Everything is fine. Gold's still here. Prince is still dead; body completely decomposed, clothes still intact.

Well, wherever this extra handprint is, it's not in the Vault. I go back over to the reset button, cross my fingers, and press it, though it is unlit.

Land o' goshen and sakes alive, the doors open again. I step out into the fresh, purple air, and start the long trudge back to the Rotating Room, looking again for anything that I might have missed.

I stop when I reach the Purple Panel's landing. Ooh ooh ooh! What's that in the wall of this cave?! Oh, that's the door I came in. Well, then, what's that in the conveniently-placed purple circle?

I go over to the edge and I see yet another quasi-hidden door.

There's an obvious route there. Oh, what the heck. I've fallen so many times by now, it's gotten boring.

I go up to the edge, think, `This would make a great comedy moment,' and miss. Panic-link, cabin, purple book, journey cloth, downstairs, let's try that again. I suppose I'm lucky that, for example, they decided that all of these places where one may fall are essentially bottomless pits rather than maybe 30 feet, where Dart wouldn't have the chance to hit the panic link before splattering himself on some rocks somewhere. Even so, having to go back around through Relto is still irritating, and really, unnecessary. I mean, they even make digital alarm clocks where you can set the time back an hour for Daylight Savings without having to set it forward 23 hours in reality, and I think CyanUbi could learn from this sort of innovation.

Anyway. I make it down the guy "wire" on the second try and I jump down to the ledge. Sure enough, it's a handprint on a door. Tag. Lemme in.

The corridor beyond the door is unlit, pitch dark. And I hear. . . animal noises? What am I, on "Fear Factor"? First a hair-raising stunt, then a close encounter with some creature, then driving a car through a flaming hoop?

After a few tentative steps inside, I have Dart rush headlong forward, and I hear the distinctive sound of him linking out to parts unknown.