First things first. I need to figure out what all these vents are for. I know they need to be closed, if for no other reason than they do more interesting things when they're closed. This means that I should get that one vent below the cliff closed. When I last left everything, they were all open.

I'll make that particular long story short. I foresaw the possibility that I'd need to be able to close that vent again and again, and it would be nice to have some more-or-less foolproof method of getting down there. Going around into the lava and then through Relto was tiresome. I experimented, and decided that my optimal method would not involve jumping or running, just walking off the edge, and letting Dart's hyperactive momentum carry me to the vent. After a few trials, I found that stepping off the edge on the side where I first saw it, in this picture, is about the perfect place.

After closing that vent, I go back through Relto, and never touch the thing again, nor do I think I'll need to. Figures.

I close one in the basin and go over to the other one. I wander into the path of the vents, something that I've been avoiding because there's lava and it looks like steam and dropping Dart into volcanic flow is one thing but scalding him is another. When he stands over a vent, and it spurts gas, Dart wiggles his fingers. I let him do it a couple more times just so I could be sure I wasn't seeing things in the dark.

No, he really wiggles his fingers. What an odd thing to animate. Doing that probably cost thousands of dollars. There has to be a reason for it. Programming Dart to dance when I push a button, or sneeze or, in a possible future upgrade, scratch his backside, because he is male, after all, is cute, but as an Easter egg wiggling fingers isn't that interesting.

And then I realize I have it all backwards.

If I close all the vents and stand on one, how does the gas know which one to push? They're all equally blocked when they're covered, so the pressure on each one should be the same. When Dart stands on one, he's actually making it harder for that one to vent, so it should give the least blast. To maximize push, Dart should leave just one open. The gas will take the path of least resistance and vent through the open one.

Stupid physics, not knowing what I meant.

I leave the vent in front of the spire that has the journey cloth open, and run around closing the others. The two on the far side of the land bridge hold a surprise, though. One of them is right in front of a low wall. By the time I spot this, only two vents are uncovered. Physics still works.

Over the wall we can see something that looks very much like the edge of the paths I've been running around on in here. This is the way out of the Basin area. I close this vent and go back to the Basin itself.

Yeah, I figured it out now. That sucker launched Dart like a rocket. Tag.

It is possible to jump from that ledge to the pathway, so getting off the thing wasn't a problem.

I went back to the wall and opened that vent, then came back to the Basin and closed that one. I wasn't going to fall into that trap. If I closed all six at once, they'd blow and I'd have to do it all over again. Walking around is easier.

I go back over the rock bridge and let the gas hurl myself over the wall that I can't climb because Dart's biceps are defective and the replacements won't be in until Thursday.

After walking down a short cavern, we enter the Pool area. The entryway has that same dead animal motif that I so enjoy in Myst games.

There's no journey cloth lying around to reward me for being so smart, but that doesn't mean there isn't something left for me to find.

The linking book isn't to anywhere that I recognize. Just to the right of this little exhibit, there's a short pathway, but I didn't see anything of interest down it.

I decide to look around this area first before I go and try to take on a new Age. There isn't much to it, really. There's a stream that is fed by the Pool, and a waterfall that feeds the stream. If you look closely, there are little fishy-ray things that swim around in the water. There's something behind the waterfall (there's always something behind the waterfall) but at night, it's all too black to see. I decide not to stumble around where there's no light, and trust that I can brighten my screen capture up some to make out some of the details. I dunno, you tell me: did it work?

I can sorta make out that there's nothing really in the darkness that is an object to find or manipulate, just a couple of stalagmites, might it also looks like there might be more Indiglo graffiti on the walls and maybe a rug on the floor. Maybe more can be seen once the Night That Never Ends passes.

I head back to the linking book and blip out for Eder Gira, or as I like to call it, Sissy World.