I wander around, paying the megabugs no attention this time, and I look at cave drawings everywhere, just in case there's something that tells me how to unlock something. But no dice.

Eventually I get near the end of the garden, back to the archway where Nick left his homework. I climb back up on it, and I do spot something else.

This shot is taken from that archway. In the circle there's a little white thing. I think I want a little white thing.

I jump down from my perch and jog over. The first thing I notice is that there's a lot of plants in the way. Then I notice that the rock ledge that the white thing is on is taller than me, and there's just nothing around nearby that I can get up on to reach it. I can't even jump around and see what the white thing is. I start looking around. Is there some way I can get up higher than the ledge and drop down? I realize I'd be intruding on beetle territory, but I don't think they'd mind.

The only place I can see to climb up there is on the right hand side of the first little tunnel after you've passed through it, but the same sort of invisible barrier that kept me on the board getting up to the second floor of Gahreesen is keeping me from climbing any higher here. So maybe they do mind.

I go back close, to see if I can climb a plant or something. I can't but I notice a couple of boulders in among the plants. I'm high enough in the picture above that I can get there. Can I jump from rock to rock to get over there?

Early attempts had me half-stepping, half-jumping onto a rock right next to the tunnel entrance under the archway, and I could almost make it to the second rock - it's there among the plants in the picture. It's very hard to nail landing on that rock exactly.

Later attempts were less successful. If Dart had blood vessels, his face would be pretty bruised up from faceplanting himself against that second rock so many times at my will. I had real trouble centring myself up for the jump. I kept using the right side wall as an edge, and put the rock in the middle of the remaining available space, rather than in the middle of the screen, if that makes sense to you. In other words, I made jumps that were way off course because I had my target in the middle of my own field of vision, but not Dart's.

I tried everything. I abandoned using that first stone to get me there, and tried to jump straight to the second stone (and this eventually worked), I tried abandoning first person mode, I jumped from all over on that archway. Eventually I made the jump to the stone in the middle. I switched to third-person mode to back up as far as I could, and give myself a bit of a runway to jump to the ledge, without backing right off the stone. This jump is much easier.

Yay! I got a . . . um. It's a . . . I have no idea what that is.

But I've accomplished something, and I have a new present. I take a quick look around, head to the end of the yellow brick road and link into Eder Kemo.