Hey. It's daytime. How did that happen?

Actually, I think I do know, unfortunately. By this point, I'm playing the game at four o'clock in the morning.

But I don't care, because now I might just be able to see what's in that cave, and take a better look around.

I dare to compare. Shown below are the mouth of the cave at night and in daylight, and with the same amount of Photoshop trickery.

The Indiglo all over the walls must have been a pigment of my imagination, because it's certainly not there now. Obviously I was eating those stale jelly beans again that night. But this means I have no problem going inside.

I turn right when I enter the cave, and see a sizeable stack of old, hexagonal furniture stuffed into this end. There's also a thingie that has a push-button on its top. Aha. It's a floor lamp.

I turn around and go left, and I finally see a way out of here. And another floor lamp. With a scorch mark above it, so you know it's safe.

I try going up and into the inner cave's entrance, but it's darker than a you-know-who's you-know-what, and I think I've smacked poor Dart's face against enough slabs of granite today. He can't get brain damage; I need him.

So again, I take a look around this area and that outside the little wall that blocks the steam vent, which is easy enough to climb over from this side, but nothing is clearer by the light of the sun. I don't think there's anything here that I've missed.

On the other hand, I only have three Ages left, and I've tried my hand at two of them. I haven't seen Teledahn in a while. I never write, I never call. I should drop in for a visit. But I'll be going through Relto first.