And now, my hero's welcome! What happens to me when I return to my home? I land clumsily on my much-abused computer-generated backside and I fall over. How glamorous this life I lead.

Dart picks himself up and I realize that we're back in the desert where this all began. Well, the first thing I want to do is go over to Zandi's trailer and see what he has to say for himself.

Only he's not there anymore.

I go back to the Cleft, and I realize how similar it was to the one that was left in Relto. I climb down and go into the workroom. I refer to the image I have (which it turns out is upside-down, natch) and I set the imager.

Yeesha appears again. She tells me that I've been a good boy, and one of the Bah'ro has been released and has come to D'ni. The Maker is taking care of it. We also learn that Yeesha is likely going to be leaving us now, since she has other work to do, but she has rewards for us for completing her journey. Relto is one of her constructs, and this she is now granting to Dart. She says that it was one of the first Ages she wrote, and that she built it to remind her of a home she had. She even put the Library where it belonged. Relto is Dart's now, and it will become his. It will be changed according to his soul. We'll also discover that we have new clothes to signify to all that might see just whose side we're on. She touches the second imager, the one that was broken earlier. She offers a gift, a new linking book that she's holding open for me. I link.

Obvious scene change, and suddenly, we're not talking to a hologram, but Yeesha in the flesh. Yes, folks, she's still around, Maker knows how. She gives her final final goodbye message, and tells us that among the many things she's learned to do, she can bring life to the desert. Outside, we can see the sky darkening, and Yeesha shuts the door on us.

I can move again, and I go over to the door control. It doesn't work. I run out to the Kitchen, but this being the Myst universe, Yeesha has had oodles of time to link out to parts unknown. And indeed, it is coming down in buckets out there. I'd be more impressed if I lived in, say, Arizona, rather than the Pacific Northwest.

I go back up into the Workshop and activate the green imager. It's another Relto upgrade page. I grab it out of the air.

I look around, all over the Cleft, but a lot of the clutter that was here before is just gone. Yeesha has packed up and moved on. Time Dart did the same.