I arrive again, knocking someone else who is not me off the bottom of the log behind me. Your time will come, Dougie!!!!!


So, looking over the rest of the Age. There is another staircase leading down to the left of the drop point. It leads down to a water garden of sorts. Off to the side there's more broken D'ni tech, another holograph generator that's barely clinging to life.

You'd think the DRC would fix it, or remove it, or deactivate it or something. Surround it with traffic cones at least.

Skirting the garden, we go off to the right and there are more stairs. Well, stairs and balconies do make sense going together. Some stairs lead back up to the courtyard and classroom, and others pass by D'ni houses, maybe, complete with house numbers before... going back to the classroom and courtyard. Hmm. Maybe there's less to this place than I thought.

One stairway takes me back to the drop point area, but on the level above. There's some kind of auditorium there.

There's a famous blue button there, and it plays back a recording (again in D'ni), which makes me wonder what it was for. Why couldn't whomever was at the podium just say what was on the recording? I dunno. Not important.

Now here I have to admit, I peeked at hints to see if there was something here that was blindingly obvious that I was supposed to be doing, but wasn't. Instead I learned about an upgrade page that, to be frank, I was never finding on my own.

See the pretty water garden? Garden pretty. See the window? Window has stump thing in front of it. Get on stump thing.

Balance on one foot, cross your eyes and maybe, just maybe, you can see a little piece of the page on the side of the window. Look for the white circle, the cursor I've been mostly keeping out of my screenshots, and that's where it is. That, folks, is what you call pixelhunting. There's a rock spire jutting out of the stump that prevents you from getting to where you can actually see the darn thing, so I don't know how anyone found it in the first place. But there you have it.

So what did I get? Let's find out.