Believe it or not, some of this stuff with the balconosis is starting to come together and make sense.

First, obligatory Relto updates.

There used to be a non-blue book on the second shelf on the right. It's not there anymore. This troubles me. I don't know if I wanted that book. I probably did. But a new book appeared on my other shelf.

At this point it's probably worth also recording what I have in terms of pages in the Balcony Age 2 book. There are five, none of which seem definitive: the balcony near the bridge (accessed from the stone by the Purple Platform in Kadish Tolesa), Douglas Sharper's office (from his fish tank in Teledahn), Arithmetic Age?

Really? Shows what I know. So I guess we can't call it that anymore. I never get to name the Ages.

Anyway, (from the Cathedral in Kadish Tolesa), the DRC rooftop HQ (from the stone hidden in front of the waterfall in Eder Kemo), and the smaller roof (from the boardroom in Gahreesen).

No link directly to the Ferry Terminal, so I have to go through the Nexus to make that happen.