It's coming down in buckets.

Well, it's traditional to do a bookshelf check in my Relto. Let's do one here. On the right:

Phil's DRC uniform? He wasn't wearing it. Dissension in the ranks? He didn't even hang it up in his wardrobe. I touch it and Dart takes it and puts it on. Ewww. I bet he doesn't wash the underwear he buys at the store before he wears it either.

The book on the top shelf is the same scrawled description of the original four (five) Ages we've already done.

The bottom one is Phil's poetry, which I may transcribe at a later date. Nothing there appears to be a code to anything, but Phil was clearly troubled by the direction the DRC was taking. On the left:

I may cry. No, I'll be honest. I may cream my pants. Which means I'll need Dart to find some more on the road so I can totally change clothes.

Of especially special interest? The fifth book in the Path of the Shell series? That word you can't quite read? Says "MYST".

Curiosity gets the better of me and I want to compare whatever upgrades I might have with dead Phil's. Because I have no shame.

He's got a tree, a dock, a good roof, a waterfall, four pillars, island babies, but he has something I don't have:

He's got night and day, and he has an extra moon. I need to find me a moon.

Wait. And he has rain. There's only one way I know of to get rain. You rescue a Bah'ro. I thought the DRCers weren't supposed to be doing that. Naughty, Phil. But yay, Phil. Then again, maybe he wasn't DRC. This would explain why Douglas might feel justified in confiscating a Relto book, and why Phil doesn't deserve a last name.

Okay, enough of that. Books! So many books to try.

I try one from the bottom shelf, but it's locked. They're all locked, even the ones I have access to on mine. The only one I can open is the one that links to Bevin. Since it's that or jealous-link home, I go to Bevin.