Well. This is different.

Part of Kadish's shtick was that he could time travel. And I guess that's what this is: the future of Ahnonay. The water's gone, the light tower is shoddy, though some lights are back. The journey cloth is gone, which is interesting. When Nick pulled one down, it reappeared. Wonder what's going on.

I keep looking around. The tower is worth investigating again, if this is forward in time. Maybe the door's open. Trouble is, there isn't water and a current to contend with, there's fog and nothing. Except, that means maybe I can have Dart walk there instead....

It's hard to see until you're right on it, but there's a shallow walkway all the way to the tower. Again, the diagram on the back of the tower isn't there, but now a journey cloth is.

Tag. Okay. We know what the lights mean, but there aren't any crabs. There are ice trees, though. And they seem to line up.

I walk up to one, except I get too close, and it smashes. Well, that answers the all-important question of how you kill an ice tree. Smashy smashy smashy! I check with the lights too make sure I got them all. Smashy! Now I have them all. There's one light left, and that's me again. I go around the loop again.


Okay, this time I'm really not getting to the tower island by conventional means.

But this time, I have a link to the island. So what happens if I link to a time that doesn't exist at the moment? And what if I stop speaking in so many hypotheticals? I curious-link back to Relto and use the journey cloth in the Ahnonay book.

This journey cloth is on the other side of the little rise here. I note also that I didn't trigger a time shift. There's something about the Entry that does that. I now have a link somewhere on the tower's island/hill/asteroid, and hopefully not inside the tower's walls. Between them, maybe, but not inside one. With luck, I can shift back to the original version of this age, and link back into the tower. First I head back home, since it's the only way off this asteroid. Then I link through the book to Ahnonay's Entry, and it works, but that puts me on the atoll, so now I have to go back to Relto, and inside my cabin, and use the journey cloth inside the Ahnonay book to test the theory. Travel in Ahnonay sure is complicated.

The ladders lead up to windows where you can see out. Not that there's much to see other than what we've been looking at all along. Inside there's a control to open the door, which I leave open, and more controls. I twiddle one to see what it does. Nothing much, but I hear something. I twiddle the other one.

It shuts the current off? D'ni technology sure is powerful. But that means I can swim anywhere now. I go off to check out the cities in the distance.

They're... set pieces? They're flat panels painted to look like cities. They're bogus! Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle. Kadish was a bigger scam artist that I thought. I swim around the back of it, and yeah, this is nothing but a big room with the walls painted like sky and these things making it look like there's something more to the world. This thing is a soundstage. I wonder if there's one or three? Probably three. It's be a pain removing and storing all the water... but the journey cloths don't work that way. They transport you between "times". But they also work on coordinates, I think. If the soundstages rotated into position... but the garrison rotated, but those links rotated with it. Ow. My brain.

The panels themselves don't hold much of interest, except there's a quote on the back of one.

Thank you, Captain Redundant.

Besides that pearl of wisdom, there was a tall black thing rising from one of the tops of the cities. It could have been a tall, spindly tree, but it was too far off to see, and to choppy to investigate? Turns out that was a crack at the top of an opening that's more of the hidden back side of this Age. That entrance is hidden behind a different panel.

So now I can swim into there and see what's really going on in this Age. Inside the tube it's still flooded, and there are two platforms, one on each side of the room, that can be used to get out of the water. The one on the left is raised, but the right one is down, so I climb out. Again, it looks like the place is symmetrical: anything on one side is mirrored on the other. Which means I can't yet get through the door in this picture, but I have a reason to. Journey cloth. (No matching one on this side.)

I think I smell another navigational challenge coming. Hurrah.

Back through the doorway behind me in that shot, there's a short hallway that goes back. There's a lever at the back next to a door. I pull it and the door doesn't open. There's a matching hallway to the other dock, so I tag the journey cloth. So I can get back here when I want from now on. I look at the back more. It looks like that door is my next gal so I try looping around.

Here's the part that sucks. I stopped taking good notes. Some doors were closed, preventing me from getting to at least one journey cloth, but in which aspect of Ahnonay... I couldn't tell. I don't know the sequence of what I did. And that frustrates me because somehow I did this:

This symbol has been on the walls everywhere I went, but always badly faded and cracked, so I didn't notice that there were numbers in the middle. That, folks, is D'ni number 4. It's also got four rings in an inverse gear, so maybe this whole thing really does spin. Heaven only knows what it looks like out there, but it's probably not water, fog or stars. So somehow, I ended up at the fourth variety of Ahnonay, and now the door opens.

It leads to a capsule, just like old-school Myst that you can command to go forwards, backwards and rotate. Surprisingly, it's not a maze. There's only one linear track and you can't get lost. I get to see this:

Not too full of himself, was he?

But I messed up. I tagged that journey cloth just before the capsule, so I can get there without having to retrace my steps, but the game locked before I could get to the end of the track. So now what do I do?