WARNING. This section of my website contains big, fat, heavy spoilers for the immersive video game Uru: Ages of Myst. It is intended to be read by people who either already own the game and have beaten it, or who have no intention of buying the game and enjoying laughing at the misadventures of others.

Uru was an attempt to turn the game that shattered sales records into an on-line shared experience, where you would actually have the chance to interact with others and group-solve the game together. Wonderful idea, but even those of us who were enthusiastic about it were dubious. How was this going to work, exactly?

The folks at UbiSoft had planned to, in a sense, mass-produce Ages for people to solve so that the content was always changing and fresh. There would be the ability for multiple players to join the same Age at the same time, without everyone who was exploring that Age at the moment interfering with each other. Inclusive, but still private.

Unfortunately, not enough people joined in for their tastes, and the project has been discontinued. The Uru engine hadn't been made for Macs, and therefore it is likely that it never will be, at least not in stores. On the other hand, the people who did try it and got to play loved it and the idea, and they're starting a grass-roots campaign to keep the Uru concept alive. We'll produce the content, they say. Just give us access to the engine and don't sue us please.

Astonishingly, Cyan and Ubi did not immediately say no. I wish them all the luck in the world.

In the meantime, there's the original game to play that never did allow for a multi-player mode, more Ages available for download, and a booster bundle available later this year.

This section of the site will be a record of my experiences in playing the game. Most websites that reveal the secrets of the game are walkthroughs - they are designed to help fellow players get through the game by either providing step-by-step instructions of how to solve puzzles, or some kind of hint system to nudge them through. This section is neither of those. I call it a stumblethrough.

If you are reading this section to try to get you through the game, it will work, eventually. By the time I've finished it, I will have put down the solution to every puzzle here. On the other hand, I will also be including every half-witted theory that I come up with for what may be going on, and if I lead you merrily astray, the only consolation you will have is that I was also down that same garden path, in the truest approximation of Uru's raison d'être. I do not yet know where I'm going; I'm simply telling the world how I'm getting there.

At the moment, the project is unfinished, as I have not solved the whole game. Until then, join me on my journey.